Cut to the Measure of Desire is a series of performance installations that respond to feminism and spectatorship theories; the panopticon overseer and the resulting state

of perpetual exhibitionism. Using the language of symbolism in Dutch allegorical painting

 I create scenes of excessive sexuality. Like the Dutch genre paintings, each gesture and

prop is carefully chosen to symbolise promiscuity, commerce and desire.  Reminiscent of the traditions of still-life painting and the tableau-vivant, I pose within the scene - an imperfect being concealed within a 2-dimensional idealised world. The aim to uphold

the illusion of perfection is futile and the codes of desire crumble under the weight

of the spectators gaze.


Vogelen was performed on the stage of the function room at the Park Conservative Club in Cardiff. The installation and series of tableau vivants were developed with a commissioning grant from Stiwdio Safle and the Arts Council of Wales.