In contrast to the sickly sweetness of Pacifier, in Memorials and Nature Morte I allowed different types of meat – a cow’s tongue, a sheep’s heart, a chicken’s foot and a packet of mince – to ripen for a few weeks and come back to life in the warm sunshine in my studio. In Memorials rotting flesh is arranged among the paraphernalia of celebration, signalling the end of the consumer party.  Regardless of workout ethic the body sags and ages.


In Nature Morte the body has found its final abject form. This artwork was the bleak final outcome of my PhD research – I had looked for and found a moment in life when the body can escape commodification and exploitation – death. However, when discussing this artwork with a feminist critical theorist, she pointed out that biomedical industries and companies providing services in relation to death and burial all continue to extract value from the corpse. I had been overly optimistic in my conclusions.