My work is increasingly concerned with the experience of the viewer and I attempt to define a direct

relationship between the cut-out and the person looking at it. Using digital video or photography I create

the illusion of a domestic scene in which my cut-out becomes a substitute for me. Rather than depicting an

encounter between a man and a cut-out woman, I have attempted to create a direct relationship between

the cut-out and the spectator. The overtly sexual nature of the body compels the viewer into the position

of voyeur, only to reveal itself as an inanimate object. I aim to prolong the suspension of disbelief so the

disjuncture between the presence and absence of the body is more pronounced. By creating photographs

that are ambiguous I hope to further explore the relationship the photographic image has to the animate

object. By making cut-outs that appear lifeless I attempt to integrate them seamlessly into the real world

that surrounds them and play on the notion of the animated photographic subject.